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Cuban Rumba: Erotic Contagious Dances Movements.

A LITTLE HISTORY OF CUBAN RUMBA. The Cuban Rumba came to exist at the time of the Spanish colonialism. Cuban Rumba is one of the most famous music in the Isle, which extends to other nations. Its main protagonists were blacks slaves and their descendants, from different ethnic African as Lucumi, bargain, plow and perhaps […]

Popular music in Cuba

Popular music in Cuba is definitely everywhere. Rumba, Mambo, Danzon, salsa, merengue, bolero, jazz, Cha cha cha and reggaeton will be a few of the rhythm that you can find in the islan To comprehend the variety and richness of Cuban music need to go back to the African origins of Cuba. African slaves were […]

Cuban Cuisine

The Cuban Cuisine and traditions. The Cuban ancestor were fans of Jutia (mammal rodent) roasted and jicotea (freshwater turtles). They also grown a race of silence canines they cooked using pepper as well as other spices. Of these, the jicoteas and jutias continue to be ones of today exquisite food of Cuban Cuisine.   The […]

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