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Cuban’s Music festival 2013

Next month from The 7th to the 14th of April 2013 Havana is going to celebrated the 2nd Cuban International Music Festival This is an interesting festival kind of event like a competition where the participants around the world competed for an award. this music festival is organized for the ministry of culture of Cuba […]

Pope visit to Cuba

The next 26th and 28th of march the people of the island of Cuba are expecting the visit of Benedict XVI The Pope have schedule to pronounce two mass in his journey to Cuba one in the capital of the island Havana and the other one in the city of Santiago de Cuba, the places […]

Cuban’ beaches between the best beaches of the world

Vacation is synonymous with beaches but when peoples are looking for a good vacation in the beach there is more than just sand and clear waters, people are looking for other things too  like the water need to be in comfortable temperature to swing on it, the surrounding area need to have plenty restaurants or […]

All about Eastern Cuba

Eastern Cuba is an exciting place to be. There are a lot of activities around here. Some people don’t actually know what we call this place.  Santiago de Cuba. The paradise where everyone dreams of sitting on the beach and watching the ocean.   Santiago de Cuba, situated between the Caribbean Sea and also the […]

Pagina2 – Travelling in Cuba

Whenever you travel abroad in most nations, the actual query of the best way to get close to isn’t actually addressed prior to going… but it ought to be when going to Cuba. A hire vehicle, or a nicely worked trains and buses system might generally help to make transportation concerns a good afterthought when […]

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