Cuban Cuisine

The Cuban Cuisine and traditions.

The Cuban ancestor were fans of Jutia (mammal rodent) roasted and jicotea (freshwater turtles). They also grown a race of silence canines they cooked using pepper as well as other spices. Of these, the jicoteas and jutias continue to be ones of today exquisite food of Cuban Cuisine.


The background from the Cuban meals  come across Spanish and African. Spanish food provided the actual stews, not to mention African fufu (mashed banana), congri (rice and beans), and chatinos (fried banana slices).


Today the actual Cuban food can be characterized by the different versions of cooking a similar dish as it cooks around a different part of the island. small slight seasonings deliver new flavors for the exact dish prepared around different regions.


The Cuban don’t miss either pork as well as rice. Cubans prepare a pig in a thousand ways: baked,fried,grilled , and to compliment rice and beans.


Other meats typical on Cuban cuisine are beef, lamb, goat, hen, turkey, guinea fowl, and other birds.


fish is one of the plates from the Cuban kitchen , the most prominent tend to be: red snapper, (the grouper), Serrucho and emperador (whitebait species). When we speak seafood, lobster together with shrimp are usually a favorite, not to bring up cangrejo (crabs)


While for dishes, we could not ignore to mention fist bananas, the green bananas or rice and beans, tamal in casserole with pork, corn casseroles, the tallullo (tamales wrapped in his own sheets), chicken or beans among others.


If we speak about desserts and pastries, the 1st thing that occurs to me is that Cubans / as are greedy / as, and among his favourite desserts include the coconut grated cheese, grapefriut hulls,sweet potato,rice and milk and their delicius French toast.


Not to mention to the finish touch for the meal, a great aged rum and coffee and a good Cuban cigar.

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