Havana The capital of Cuba.

The beautiful city of Havana

Havana is the actual capital of Cuba has a population of slightly over 2 million. The city of Havana was established by Spaniard in the 16th century and it has a long and interesting back ground.Havana

The Havana numerous tourist attractions produce more than 1, 000, 000 tourists to the city of Havana each year plus the area continues evolving and change just as they have done through centuries.

How Did Havana Acquire the Name?
Basically no one knows for certainly where the city of Havana received its name. There can be two very plausible hypotheses. Some say that this name Havana originated from the name from a native Taíno chief, Habaguanex. Many others suggest that the term is actually a derivative from the Dutch expression havene, which means harbor. Considering the truth that this city was designed for being a port city in , it may well appears the 2nd theory is the proper one.

Havana, like most of Cuba, was basically managed by Spain for decades. However, the British did take command of the city for less than twelve months and during this time the town experienced a fast cultural transformation. Even so, the British returned the city to Spain as part of the treaty made at the ending of this Seven Yrs War. Cuba continued to be a Spanish colony until 1898, when the United States occupied the island.

Havana experienced an incredible transformation. It went from being a harbor  community  to becoming the spot  of fashion, style and culture. Plantation proprietors who lost most of their  properties in the Civil War came to Havana. This became actually the beginning of the Cuban cigars business, as many entrepreneurs discovered that Cuba provides suitable conditions  intended for growing tobacco.

Huge mansions soon became popular in the Havana city.

Havana has evolve significantly.
Even so , Havana do not gave up on becoming  a cultured, traditional  community  with much to deliver. durin recent years, foreign individuals and corporations were allowed to do business in the country and build big resorts, establishments and other similar business. Designer’s fashion exhibits for example have become frequents in Havana in this days. The vicinity of Old Havana, is now getting remodeled using the help of internationals organization.
Famous historic places in Havana
You will find several historical destinations in Havana city.
Havana Vieja, the old portion on the city which was established long time ago , is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is frequented from tens of thousands of men and women annually. Plaza Vieja is another particularly fascinating place in the city.

The Fortaleza San Carlos de la Cabaña is another interesting spot . It was probably the most remarkable fortification when it was built by Spain during an endeavor to fortify the city of Havana. Additional popular fortresses built in the city of Havana are El Morro Fortress and San Salvador de la Punta Fortress. El Morro was designed to resist attacks coming from pirates at the same time San Salvador was built to safeguard the Havana city
from dangerous attackers.

However, not every historical place in Havana are several years old. El Capitolio Nacional, which was constructed in 1929, is impressive and a must see building for everyone who come to visit the city of Havana.
The Capitol home of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the National Museum of Natural History. Cristo de La Habana is a huge 65 ft high statue of Christ which was built in the the later part of the 50’s and is also a place that every visitor will need to see.

Havana is a city with a rich history. coming from being a small harbor area in the beginning to turning into a cultured city with magnificent architecture and a great number of tourist attractions


Havana is different from most of the mayors cities and capital of the world instead of big building the city is adorned with colonial architecture lots of restaurants, museums and very friendly people that make you feel like local is a different vacation experience.

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