Varadero beach

Varadero beach located in the peninsula Hicacos. Its 14 miles. Beach is characterized by a wide line of wonderful bright sand that slopes gently inside the sea, an unique range of blues comfortable transparent waters. Stablished in the 1940 as a vacation resort town, however in the last 20 years its network of hotels and […]

Popular music in Cuba

Popular music in Cuba is definitely everywhere. Rumba, Mambo, Danzon, salsa, merengue, bolero, jazz, Cha cha cha and reggaeton will be a few of the rhythm that you can find in the islan To comprehend the variety and richness of Cuban music need to go back to the African origins of Cuba. African slaves were […]

Spiritual cocktail of religions

 The roots of Cuban  religions Cuba have long been considered a Catholic country because of its colonial history by the spaniards. However Cuba is a spiritual cocktail of religions. Christian beliefs were intruduced by the colonists men in the 16th Century. Throughout all this tme, Cuba’s religions have been change a lot. The colonists contributed […]

The goegraphy of the island

The Geography,Flora,Fauna and Climate of the island of Cuba is extraordinary, perfect to explore  exotic natural beauty. Cuba is the biggest of the Greater Antilles. It is strategically positioned on the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. the southern part of the coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the north by the Atlantic […]

Cuban Cuisine

The Cuban Cuisine and traditions. The Cuban ancestor were fans of Jutia (mammal rodent) roasted and jicotea (freshwater turtles). They also grown a race of silence canines they cooked using pepper as well as other spices. Of these, the jicoteas and jutias continue to be ones of today exquisite food of Cuban Cuisine.   The […]

Interesting Facts about Cuba

Cuban history performs a major component in the festivals right here. Cuba does not have numerous nationwide vacations however the country will hold some good carnivals. If you’re interested in the history of Cuba there are several Cuban holidays that will be of great interest to you including a special event associated with delivery of […]

All about Eastern Cuba

Eastern Cuba is an exciting place to be. There are a lot of activities around here. Some people don’t actually know what we call this place.  Santiago de Cuba. The paradise where everyone dreams of sitting on the beach and watching the ocean.   Santiago de Cuba, situated between the Caribbean Sea and also the […]

Activities to do in Cuba

There is no question that Cuba is an incredible holiday destination. Cuba is definitely an isle where there is really something for everybody. Here’s a low-down on a few of the market actions you will get as much as while exploring the market facets of Cuba’s travel and leisure: Salsa Dance Cuba is actually obviously, […]

A Little History Lesson on Cuba

The area associated with Cuba has been lived on in excess of thousands of years through Amerindian peoples the Taíno and Ciboney. The actual Taíno had been considered to be mainly farmers while the Ciboney had been hunter-gatherers. The actual name Cuba actually is derived from the Taíno word cubanacán, which means “a central place”. […]

Pagina2 – Travelling in Cuba

Whenever you travel abroad in most nations, the actual query of the best way to get close to isn’t actually addressed prior to going… but it ought to be when going to Cuba. A hire vehicle, or a nicely worked trains and buses system might generally help to make transportation concerns a good afterthought when […]

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