Popular music in Cuba

Salsa Music

Popular music in Cuba is definitely everywhere. Rumba, Mambo, Danzon, salsa, merengue, bolero, jazz, Cha cha cha and reggaeton will be a few of the rhythm that you can find in the islan

To comprehend the variety and richness of Cuban music need to go back to the African origins of Cuba. African slaves were on the region since 1500 and African rituals have a definitive impact in Cuban music.

We’ll describe briefly an introduction to Cuban music,and various music styles prevailing in Cuba

Rumba and Jazz: Belonging of the Africans beats and drums, it appeared in the later part of the seventeen century subsequent to  the abolition of slavery.

The industrial activity among the community of New Orleans and Havana appeared to be very intense throughout the 1800. As a result, the rumba arrived at New Orleans and Cuba received the jazz.

Punto Guajiro:

Before Son  we had the Punto Guajiro. with its spanish origins,and has been evolving in Cuba from the seventeen century. The basics of the rhythm consists of a combination of guitar, tres,   clave and guiro. There are two kinds of Punto, Punto Fijo and Punto Libre. Fijo means fixed, meaning rhythm does not stop and the verse and music consists of fixed, measured units. The Punto Libre has a more flexibility, alows the singer to improvise.

Trova and Bolero:

Passionate and loving Ballad of Spanish source, cultivated from the troubadours, as a musical style The Bolero evolved out of the traditional Trova, This beautiful style of music, with sophisticated harmonies, came to incorporate popular poetry in its songs. The Cuban bolero is played in all sorts of ensembles and is an popular genre throughout Latin-America.


Today salsa is the modern version of the clasic old rhythms of Cuban son, actually the most known cuban rhythms danced in many Western countries, with many followers.  The original son bands was first trios made up of claves, maracas and guitar. in the 1920’s, son orchestras grew to incorporated tres & bongos. the standard son was a pair of vocals one playing claves the other maracas.   Son montuno ended up being merged by using additional Latin music styles, like mambo as well as rumba, to create modern salsa music, now extremely famous all over Latin as well as the Hispanic community. The melody element plus the estribillo or montuno part would be the 2 elements that construct the actual music in the son. This montuno portion is definitely the significant part within the son; its content has the vocal as well as musical improvisations. Several of this musical instruments that perform improvisations can be the tres (the 3 stringed acoustic guitar), bongo, bass, and trumpet.

Several modern dances have developed over time because of the son, Like, mambo, the salsa, and the cha-cha, that happens to be 20th century ballroom dances.



an additional classic Afro-Cuban music form. Was initially introduced during the 20s on Matanzas, one of several pioneer cities associated with African-based folklore in Cuba. The dance of the danzon is usually slowly, sophisticated dancing executed by partners. The tunes are completely different compared with some other style of Afro-Cuban popular music considering that it’s performed using musical instruments such as flute, piano, and strings, the style is really classical sound. The danzon is actually viewed as the aristocratic dancing of Cuba considering the sophisticated and stylish look of the dancers.

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