The Bellamar Caves in Matanzas Cuba


The Beauty of the Bellamar Caves 

Las cuevas de Bellamar (The Bellamar Caves) are one of the oldest tourist attraction in the island

Located 3miles southeast of matanzas approximately,
this mysterious caves are more than 300.000 years old, discovered in 1861 by an slave who lost his tool in the rocks.
The Bellamar caves had more than 8.300 ft of Galleries and lounges.

The cave main hall show the rock formation known as the Mantle of Columbus the largest stalagmites of 40 ft long an underground stream and divide by sections are galleries halls and tunnels ,The-Bellamar-Caves
Outside The caves you will find the visitor complex with two restaurants with traditional Cuban food and a playground for the little ones the name is The Finca La Alcancia.

The Caves entrances have a museum from where you go into a big cavern with huge stalagmites and stalactites, and there is a big decent inside narrow corridors,
Through The journey inside The Bellamar Caves you can see this spectacular formation of the natural crystals in the wall the formation are of incomparable beauty because there is no other place on earth where you can find this crystals, very popular among the tourist are the fountains, famous for the medicine properties of the waters this waters are naturally filtered in the caves rocks so you can drink it directly from the walls, two of the most famous caves fountains are the Fountain of Youth and the Fountain of Love.

The Caves location

The Bellamar Caves are relatively near Varadero beach and the tour  inside the caves is short so you can plan a morning or afternoon for the trip and spend the rest of the day in another tour or in the spectacular Varadero Beach

Declared national monument this caves are a very interesting ecological and beautifully excursion trip for the family every one had something to enjoy, you are going to love this Caves just because are favorite of all who visit this place. if you have been in the caves and drunk from The Fountain of Youth please share your own experience.

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  1. boys says:

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  2. Sue Richardson says:

    Hi there, I recently spent 2 weeks in Varadero, Cuba for my honeymoon. It was absolutely amazing…except for one major disappointment. One of oir tours included the Bellamar Cave. After getting to the largest stalactite, I slipped and fell down 3 stairs to the next landing. I scraped one ankle and twisted the other one. My husband managed to get me on my feet and help me back up the stairs to the entrance. My big problem with what happened is the tour guide for the cave didn’t even ask if I was okay….he wasn’t at all concerned! I was quite surprised at this as everyone we had met thus far indicated a very friendly, courteous nation of people. Even once I was outside an older woman(who had nothing to do with the cave) was very concerned about me. This fall caused me to not be abke to do anymore tours for our 2nd week but I was quite happy being poolside at our resort with my foot up.
    Do the cave tour guides get ANY training?
    Thank you
    Sue (disappointed visitor)

    • admin says:

      The caves are beautiful itself, sorry you could not enjoy them because of an untrained guide, I do not know if the guides have some sort of training but I imagine that they have to,I hope you get better and keep traveling

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