Cuban Rumba: Erotic Contagious Dances Movements.

A LITTLE HISTORY OF CUBAN RUMBA. The Cuban Rumba came to exist at the time of the Spanish colonialism. Cuban Rumba is one of the most famous music in the Isle, which extends to other nations. Its main protagonists were blacks slaves and their descendants, from different ethnic African as Lucumi, bargain, plow and perhaps […]

Havana The capital of Cuba.

The beautiful city of Havana Havana is the actual capital of Cuba has a population of slightly over 2 million. The city of Havana was established by Spaniard in the 16th century and it has a long and interesting back ground. The Havana numerous tourist attractions produce more than 1, 000, 000 tourists to the […]

The Bellamar Caves in Matanzas Cuba

  The Beauty of the Bellamar Caves  Las cuevas de Bellamar (The Bellamar Caves) are one of the oldest tourist attraction in the island Located 3miles southeast of matanzas approximately, this mysterious caves are more than 300.000 years old, discovered in 1861 by an slave who lost his tool in the rocks. The Bellamar caves […]

Cuba is celebrating the VII World Congress spiritual meeting

 World Congress spiritual meeting This weekend Cuba is celebrating the VII World Congress spiritual meeting in Havana with the participation of 34 countries and more than 700 delegates from all over the world   The theme of the congress this year is “Spiritual Education and Charity in Building a World of Peace”,Cuba is known after […]

Cuban’s Music festival 2013

Next month from The 7th to the 14th of April 2013 Havana is going to celebrated the 2nd Cuban International Music Festival This is an interesting festival kind of event like a competition where the participants around the world competed for an award. this music festival is organized for the ministry of culture of Cuba […]

Pope visit to Cuba

The next 26th and 28th of march the people of the island of Cuba are expecting the visit of Benedict XVI The Pope have schedule to pronounce two mass in his journey to Cuba one in the capital of the island Havana and the other one in the city of Santiago de Cuba, the places […]

Cuban’ beaches between the best beaches of the world

Vacation is synonymous with beaches but when peoples are looking for a good vacation in the beach there is more than just sand and clear waters, people are looking for other things too  like the water need to be in comfortable temperature to swing on it, the surrounding area need to have plenty restaurants or […]

Varadero beach

Varadero beach located in the peninsula Hicacos. Its 14 miles. Beach is characterized by a wide line of wonderful bright sand that slopes gently inside the sea, an unique range of blues comfortable transparent waters. Stablished in the 1940 as a vacation resort town, however in the last 20 years its network of hotels and […]

Popular music in Cuba

Popular music in Cuba is definitely everywhere. Rumba, Mambo, Danzon, salsa, merengue, bolero, jazz, Cha cha cha and reggaeton will be a few of the rhythm that you can find in the islan To comprehend the variety and richness of Cuban music need to go back to the African origins of Cuba. African slaves were […]

Spiritual cocktail of religions

 The roots of Cuban  religions Cuba have long been considered a Catholic country because of its colonial history by the spaniards. However Cuba is a spiritual cocktail of religions. Christian beliefs were intruduced by the colonists men in the 16th Century. Throughout all this tme, Cuba’s religions have been change a lot. The colonists contributed […]

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